I will EXALT the Savior through worship by faithfully attending the worship services, giving regularly to the support of my church, and living a godly life as an example.

I will EVANGELIZE those who are lost by praying for them by name, inviting them to attend my church, and sharing my testimony and the gospel with them.

I will ENCOURAGE the body through fellowship by attending faithfully, refusing to gossip, and warmly greeting other members and bearing their cares and concerns.

I will EDIFY the body through discipleship by following the leaders of my church, acting in love toward other members, and being a part of a small group Bible study.

I will EQUIP the saints for service by discovering and using my gifts and talents, serving in accordance with my gifts and talents, and developing a servant’s heart.

I will ELEVATE all we do with prayer by giving myself to prayer, praying with others, and praying for others.